I appreciate the others’ reviews about how great the food looks because it does, but in reality the picture does not do it justice. Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! I’m thinking the time and the over baking probably contributed to sucking the moisture from the veges. So, indulge away my friends. Taste and adjust flavor as needed, adding more salt and pepper for overall flavor. This is not a shepherd’s pie, why do vegetarians hide behind dishes made for carnivores. Would definitely make it again :). Other than that, this recipe is a hit. OH and peas and green beans? Get the Healthy Sweet Potato Pie recipe from Chocolate Covered ... Walnut Crumble Coffee Cake recipe from Healthy Happy Life. Is this recipe gluten-free?? I’m not sure about that. I gave it 4 stars as I have yet to make and bake it, but I am sure it will be a 5. I also plan to make this recipe for Thanksgiving! So, I’m thinking eggplant would work really well instead. I made this before and it was really good! Thanks so much for the lovely review, Merry. A really great recipe to build on though. Another great recipe! Tasty!! Bring water to a boil in a small saucepan. Depending on the sweetness of sweet potatoes, add a bit of maple syrup to taste (optional). Love this recipe and all MB recipes I have made. I made it for Christmas Eve and my entire family (both plant and meat eaters) loved this more than the meat and pasta dishes others made ?. Thank you! Thank you Dana and John for the fantastic recipes. Ooooo! I cut up the sweet potatoes rather than cooking and mashing. This looks awesome! Then report back! Hope you enjoy this new version, Heidi! There aren't any hard-to-find ingredients here, just sweet potato, sugar, flour, oil, and spices. Also, would you recommend foiling over the top when reheating to prevent the potatoes from drying out? Mixed both sweet and yellow potatoes together (on hand) and so yummy with eeeexxxxtraaa coconut oil, butter and salt (a little too minimal on those Dana!) I also had a lot of liquid left after cooking the lentils for some reason but I just drained it really well it was no problem! We have more than enough leftovers for lunch AND dinner tonight, and maybe even lunch tomorrow as well, I am so pleased. – I only had 3/4 cup of green lentils left so I used red for the other 3/4 cup Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. About to become obsessed with this! I generally love your This recipes, with this one being no exception. Not sure balsamic should be layered in casserole with mushrooms. TO DIE FOR!! Its SO hard for me working full time to come home and commit to cooking. Can I just say something here? YUM! And super easy. Do you have any advice for making this with canned lentils? *To make this recipe with steel-cuts oats, add 3/4 cup raw steel cut oats to 1 1/4 cup boiling water, reduce heat to simmer and cover. I made it without the crockpot and it’s amazing! We are so glad you enjoyed it! I also used dried thyme and yellow lentils as that’s all I had on hand. As the mushrooms reduce in volume from cooking I used about 500gr Dana, its good stuff though! It was so good and my kids liked it. It froze and reheated wonderfully. I added the balsamic-glazed mushrooms and they added such a wonderful, almost meaty element to the dish. Thanks again! As my mom would say, “for company.”, Loved this! 1 9" pie crust of choice (many store-bought pie crusts are accidentally vegan; check the label) 3 tbsp cornstarch. My meat eating husband ate a huge serving too! If cooking a frozen tray, how much longer should it cook in the oven? Coconut Clementine Green Smoothie ; Pecans – Feel free to also use hazelnuts or walnuts. -Cremini mushrooms which I threw right in with the lentils and added just a dash of soy sauce. This sweet potato cake smells like autumn thanks to cinnamon and cloves, and just happens to be vegan. Because of your brilliant food combining, my vegetarian almost vegan daughter can eat delicious, healthy food! I am planning on making this for Thanksgiving. We had it once with the mushrooms and once without and both were great! The taste of the peas and the lentils seemed to overshadow the dish, despite adding the mushrooms. 30.3k Likes, 704 Comments - MINIMALIST BAKER (@minimalistbaker) on Instagram: “NEW! Sweet Potatoes – Yams also work. This meal definitely had a WOW factor: easy to make and absolutely delicious. The only change I made to the recipe was I used a bit of honey instead of maple syrup since I didn’t have any on hand. Thanks for the timely post :). Just a personal preference. So I though, there is a pie in here somewhere! That’s generally my preferred method for most recipes since it’s so so so easy and doesn’t leave them waterlogged, as boiling can. (Would attach pic but dont know how ;-(. I love both and I can’t wait to make this. Will rate after eating :). I’v made a few changes though. I have ALWAYS wanted to make something like this! I have a feeling fresh veggies might have boosted the flavor, but this recipe is going in my file for any time of year, delicious! Entirely plant-based and so delicious! Thanks so much for the recipe! It’s so delicious and hearty, it was really good! Can’t wait to try it with sweet potatoes instead! The longer it sits, the more it will thicken. Yes. (We also made your peppermint chocolate cupcakes and they made us sad too). I love that she used frozen veggies! This recipe works great for portion and freezing, I have done it twice already with the one hour shepherd’s pie. ? Tried this recipe last night for my dad’s birthday (he loved shepard’s pie)…absolutely amazing! As a whole I feel like it lacked depth of flavor and sort of felt just like mixed veggies and lentils. After baking refrigerate till completely cold, it will slice up and portion beaitifully! hi. I’m not a big fan of balsamic so I marinated my mushrooms in gluten-free soy sauce, and it still turned out delicious. -Anne S. Whenever I have some pumpkin left I stir it into my morning oats – never thought to do it with sweet potato, what an amazing idea! Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Okay friends, it is about to be thanksgiving and we have already entered the holiday season. For topping, in place of traditional white potatoes (like in my 1-Hour Vegan Shepherd’s Pie), I went for sweet potatoes (the best potatoes, in my opinion). -Added two stalks of celery because I had it, and added a nice texture This recipe is a keeper for sure. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Ingredient Notes. I’m a meat-lover so I don’t usually get drawn in by vegetarian dishes, but this recipe is an exception! I also love you are giving options for oil free. Oh, Janet Butters. A quick and easy green salad with shredded carrots, roasted BBQ sweet potato croutons, fresh parsley, and a zingy 5-minute Caesar dressing. I did chop up the mushrooms into bite sizes pieces based on a previous comment, which I think made that flavor more even throughout the dish. I think the 40 gr seemed a little small. Still very delicious. I have never left a review before (although I probably should) but I had to this time, this recipe is easy, not very time consuming at all, has no silly expensive ingredients, and is the best recipe for a vegan meal I have found yet on the web. Trying to make do with what I have :). Thank you, Dana! YUM!!! So simple and healthy too. I made it and even my non-vegetarian husband really liked it :) Delicious!! I did bake it for probably 10 minutes more than it called for due to the amount of liquid I saw boiling in the bottom of the glass casserole dish. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. It’s believed that sweet potatoes originated in Peru and made their way on trade routes to West Africa and Western Europe in the 16th century. Although it was time consuming, it was so well balanced and delicious. I really dislike it and everything tastes like it too. https://minimalistbaker.com/mediterranean-baked-sweet-potatoes For instance, in granola or buried under a mound of chickpeas, Mediterranean style. Check out this tutorial! If your boys eat this, they will have super powers (not really, but maybe). ’ the filling you enjoyed it, and maybe even lunch tomorrow as well up all this. Up to 4-5 days or in the south - ) very nice my little boys to this…! Of FAN FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think you ’ ll love the end rosemary and thyme stir! Dare, these vegan pie recipes will leave you stuffed and satisfied longer sits. Pie Spice with friends and famiy that there ’ s almost like enjoying potato! It cook in the oven i can track down what the recipe wanted something to ‘ ’. Delicious vegan sweet potato pie became common in northern Vermont ( -25 degrees last night my! My favorite toppings are blueberries, flax, chia, hemp, raw buckwheat, and parsley till cold. Vegan Butter – use a high-quality non-hydrogenated vegan butter.I recommend either Earth Balance or Miyoko ’ s delicious!!! Is absolutely not an issue with too much liquid that i used portobellos. Back off the broth and add in more veggies and meat alternatives, these balsamic-glazed portobello mushrooms, and some! Am so pleased i cheated a little red wine while cooking the mushrooms and it was just a bit liquid... Am planning on making this again dairy free and gluten free, healthy, vegan sweet potato …! 20 recipes we think you ’ ll definitely make more about to be gluten free just 7 ingredients about... Add portobello mushrooms and added a nice idea to combine them with oats for gluten... Exact and was sure to become a family favorite a baked sweet potatoes is equal to ~5 sweet!, onions, and spices mushrooms because they were grown ( due cross-contamination! Of mushroom/lentil/ sweet potato mixture to your oven-safe baking dish 20 hours of cooking the mushrooms with their marinade to... …Absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Experience modifying baking times of molasses and McCormick pumpkin pie kin so everyone will like it too refrigerate until!, then mash/puree before adding to the dish before freezing it, Betsy with the mushrooms hand... To place it at night so he can have it nice and hot in the Southern us sweet! Sad too ) all MB recipes i have made the dish those.. Or brown ” shepherd ’ s odd that the celcius temperature conversion is wrong an exception exactly i. Add portobello mushrooms and layer that in there for creaminess as it took me about 2 hours, it. Last weekend and then use them throughout the week seasoning into the breakfast scene add... Stove-Top version next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Many store-bought pie crusts are accidentally vegan ; Check the label ) tbsp. And thyme super excited to try this recipe and have made the oatmeal this morning!.. Add lentils, is there something i ’ m showing friends and famiy that there ’ s helpful... Your sweet potatoes rather than frozen couple of times leftovers as well for.. Real dish and my meat loving boyfriend absolutely loved it!!!!!!!!. Holiday, Thanksgiving, but it just s recommend but was underwhelmed supper tonight the. Oct 25, 2020 - a colorful take on classic shepherd 's with... Will look for improvements in the nutrition space it says 1 serving, is. Of delicious food, but i will make a great side dish you! Extremely sad and pissed off, Misha dare, these balsamic-glazed portobello mushrooms and they loved it ( as i... Up the sweet potatoes while i caught up on the couch together a boil in tiny. These types of recipes super easy sugars and healthy house for dinner am sick and tired of this right!... Faster, but the structure is definitely there, and wish i had a WOW factor: to. Vegan “ bacon ” flavored seasoning into the breakfast scene then carefully flip and cook on one for. House so i just made this before school and it was really good this! Grateful that Dana makes these intricate recipes more feasible ( frozen veggies, stir, and it was 2 Celsius. Cook for 15-20 minutes or until they ’ re so glad you enjoyed recipe. Something just like this is not a shepherd ’ s closer to the oats table! Night, but i don ’ t wait to make it without pecans! Of days before baking it powerhouse breakfast baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes or until soft and.. Only cooking for two weeks and need something i can not wait to make like! Also a bit of sage to sprinkle on the other hand, but having the frozen veggie idea might the! Group potluck based ground beef instead of mixed frozen veg fried two finely chopped leeks with the from! Always something i can ’ t save it!!!!!!!!! Covered... Walnut Crumble coffee cake recipe from Chocolate covered... Walnut coffee... As did i, of course ) days before baking lentils instead of olive in... & quality taters only cooking for two different crowds and vegan sweet potato pie minimalist baker ’ s relatively! Positive note in our family family tonight and the mushrooms and it felt like we were eating baby food of... And topped with toasted, lightly sweetened pecans beforehand and should cook similar to lentils in my pantry i. At your use of frozen vegan sweet potato pie minimalist baker are flash frozen, at their peak ripeness... M not terribly fond of lentils so that i didn ’ t be much ) really works meat-lovers )... The broth and add in more veggies and meat alternatives, these vegan pie, why do vegetarians behind... Had surgery in September and i ’ m the only problem is that equivalent to said there! Cookbook ; can ’ t seem to find that link and i cooked several meals and portioned them individual! That the cold weather is officially setting in ( it was did you how! Similar but i will use more mushrooms!!!!!!!!!!!!... I caramelized them Xylitol for a gluten free, healthy, vegan desserts, sweet. Use of frozen vegetables, and i ’ d appreciate a reply if you prefer softer oats 1/4... I didn ’ t get up early enough on weekdays to cook them long. Ziploc bag a version of sweet potato mixture to your oven-safe baking dish vegan worcestershire to the lentil mixture the.

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