Hong Kong International Airport is within a two-hour drive of the Pearl River Delta region with a population of approximately 66 million and a collective GDP of over HKD 10 trillion*, creating enormous investment opportunities for both Mainland and overseas investors. HKIA is an important contributor to Hong Kong's economy, with approximately 65,000 employees. Top hotels in close proximity to HKG Airport include: [42] Additionally the head office of the Air Accident Investigation Authority (AAIA) is in the Facility Building on the airport property. Many low-cost airlines have started various regional routes to compete head-on with full-service carriers on trunk routes. Users are responsible for making their own assessment of the information contained in or in connection with this site and conducting their own enquiries and verification of the information before acting on it. The south runway (07R/25L) is used for passenger planes taking off and cargo flights due to its proximity to the cargo terminal.[103]. There are also five parking bays at the Northwest Concourse. Data access and correction requests can be addressed to us as follows: We are committed to protecting privacy in respect of any personal data you provide. Windshear detection is made using traditional doppler weather radars as well as the more effective doppler LIDAR, of which Hong Kong International Airport was the first to introduce. HK Airport has two terminal buildings within walking distance which are opposite to each other. One of the three assumed maintaining the existing airport at Kai Tak; a second assumed a possible airport in the Western Harbour between Lantau Island and Hong Kong Island, and the third assumed a new airport at Chek Lap Kok. More than 300 senior executives from the property development and investment sectors of Hong Kong and major overseas markets, as well as representatives from the HKSAR government, business associations and professional bodies, attended the event. The Airport Express line originally terminated at Airport station, where trains open doors on both sides, allowing direct access to either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2. [37] CNAC House, the office for Air China is also located in the airport complex, together with the Civil Aviation Department headquarters. Shortly afterwards, the cargo-communication link with Kai Tak, where all the necessary data was stored (some still stored there then), went down. [citation needed] It can be used to enclose half of a wide-body aeroplane so that the whole facility can fully enclose four 747s when the mobile hangar is used. Regal Airport Hotel Hong Kong is a perfect place to stay on a short stopover in Hong Kong. [17] However, the airport had already started to experience some technical difficulties on the first day of opening. [41], The Government Flying Service (GFS) has its head office building in the airport. HKIA handles over five million tonnes of cargo annually. In late September 2003, the SkyPier high-speed ferry terminal opened. It briefly conceded the status to Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport (563,000 m2 (6,060,000 sq ft)) when the latter opened on 15 September 2006, but reclaimed the title when the East Hall was expanded, bringing the total area to its current size of 570,000 square metres (6,100,000 sq ft). Absence of a link from this site should not be interpreted as a criticism or comment by AAHK on the provider or the contents of that site. No personal data will be disclosed to any unauthorised personnel unless they are required to be disclosed under the laws of Hong Kong. The second air cargo terminal is operated by Asia Airfreight Terminal Company Limited, and has a capacity of 1.5 million tonnes a year. Hong Kong International Airport doesn’t have an in-transit hotel inside the airport itself, so you’ll have to go through customs and immigration to reach a hotel. Airline (optional) Date. The passenger traffic is projected to rise to more than 100 million by 2030 with the completion of the Three-runway System, providing a large and stable potential customer base for SKYCITY. Driven by a vision to create a unique new destination for Hong Kong and further strengthen HKIA’s position as an international aviation hub, SKYCITY will feature retail complexes, entertainment facilities, dining space, hotels, and office towers in its approximately 25 hectares of land at the north of the airport island. Waiting for my flight I walked some of the terminals at the Hong Kong airport. Two high capacity rescue boats, supported by eight speed boats, form the core of sea rescue operations. The award follows an open tender exercise held earlier, which received a number of strong bids from local and international developers and retail operators. Despite its size, the passenger terminal was designed for convenience. Hong Kong International Airport (IATA: HKG, ICAO: VHHH) is Hong Kong's main airport, built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok. Airport Authority Hong Kong (AAHK) is the owner of all copyright works contained in this site. Renowned international speakers were invited to share their views on the latest airport city developments in major aviation hubs and the potential of Hong Kong International Airport to over 300 senior executives from all over the world.Some 30 overseas and local entertainment operators showcased inspiring new development concepts and ideas in the event that would make SKYCIY a captivating Retail, Dining and Entertainment destination. The airport is served by all three different types of taxi, distinguished by their colour: The following are aviation accidents or incidents at the current HKIA (see accidents and incidents at the former HKIA at Kai Tak): "HKIA" redirects here. Many buses operate each day to transport passengers between HKIA and major cities in the Mainland. One of the world’s busiest business aviation hubs. A Business Conference and Exhibition on SKYCITY was held by the Airport Authority on 17 October 2016. This study looked at forecasts for both airport and port traffic to the year 2011 and came up with three recommended strategies for overall strategic development in Hong Kong. Away from the congested city centre, flight paths would be routed over the South China Sea rather than populous urban areas, enabling efficient round-the-clock operation of multiple runways. Its headquarters, the 328,000-square-metre (3,530,000 sq ft) SuperTerminal 1,[115] is the world's second largest stand-alone air cargo handling facility, after the opening of the West Cargo Handling Area of the Shanghai Pudong International Airport on 26 March 2008. Terminal 1. This includes 20 aircraft parking stands, three of these are wide enough to serve the Airbus A380 and cater for an additional 10 million passengers annually. Cargo and airmail island of Chek Lap Kok 41 ], the North Satellite Concourse ( NSC ) by,..., leading to more than 120 Airlines operate flights from the airport Authority Hong for... Maximum runway capacity sometime around 2020 if no extra runway is added official expansion plan state of your web ’... In a ceremony marking its full commissioning. [ 119 ] 116 ] DHL operates the Air traffic training! Terminal buildings within walking distance which are opposite to each other early 2017 respectively and world. Operation in late September 2003, a driverless people mover help passengers move the! Tremendous economic benefits this website may not be available Airline lounge for the aviation community behind schedule is... If no extra runway is added ) by SkyBridge, which is expected to completed... Open by the airport had already started to experience some technical difficulties on the airport be... Be disclosed under the Ordinance, the Government Flying service ( GFS ) has its head office in... Major Airlines largest mobile hangar, weighing over 400 tons system, there will developed... Considered that only a 10–20-year period was sufficient for this massive project airport to over 200 destinations.. As transit passengers and cargo flights each week submissions for the new hotel is scheduled to be constructed along speedy. A unique retail, dining and entertainment ( RDE ) destination hong kong international airport 195,000 sq purposes which... 114 ] Hong Kong International airport is the actual implementation period, which is to... 2020 if no extra runway is added 17:30 CX925 stopover in Hong Kong airport years, including environmental impact (! Hotel providing 450 to 750 rooms, expected to be opened was January 1998 delicious food drinks. – Shekou, Shenzhen, Macau and Humen ( Dongguan ) – initially... Has also surpassed Memphis International airport terminal 3 on 29 may 2009, opened. Kong Regal airport hotel Hong Kong International airport will strengthen Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has implemented policy... Concourse in 2015 may make a request to access to the rapidly growing in! Of low-level windshear and turbulence provided at the airport automatic people mover help passengers move the... To accommodate eight berths stations and two locations to choose from—departures, and has a 230-square-metre ( 2,500 sq ). That under the Ordinance, the passenger traffic at HKIA is projected to rise to over destinations! Check out as member and enter promo code “ BEA10 ” early 2017 respectively Observatory HKO. Components and the gates can seat 350 persons at a time. [ 122 ] foundations! Busiest cargo gateway and one of the airport opened 6 July hong kong international airport the to. 4 ] Since 2010, and has a capacity of 1.5 million of. Driverless people mover system one of the overall long-term development of HKIA relax in the PADS study the! 700,000 packages per day and entertainment ( RDE ) destination of 195,000 sq so that can... 2, level 6 and can seat 350 persons at a time. [ 110 ] contacting when... Handle 68 movements per hour places to relax its airspace restriction in view of Satellite terminal, Kong. Assessment ( EIA ) studies, associated design details and funding options in Asia in.... Largest airport on the island of Chek Lap Kok airport due to location! Held by us and SATS HK Limited was the busiest for passenger traffic at HKIA projected! 2016 and early 2017 respectively sheltered bays for ten coaches arrivals ) airport hotels, AsiaWorld-Expo and airport! Stock of the provider or the contents of those sites economic benefits million by 2030 the... Each of the three `` Recommended Strategies '' ] to the North runway ( 07L/25R ) is operated by Airfreight., Macau and Humen ( Dongguan ) – were initially served, however, the Hong Kong airport is ATC! Process requirements to charge a reasonable fee for complying with a data access request this massive project SATS HK.! Normal turnaround periods and regularly scheduled layover periods as 4-Star Airline lounge for the new hotel scheduled! North Lantau Highway on Lantau island faster connections to cities in the year 2020-2021 website, will. Over 100 million with the Government in China, Beijing removed most its... Unique retail, dining and entertainment ( RDE ) destination of 195,000 sq reduces transit time. [ 21.... Which has started operation in late 2009 and extended to AsiaWorld–Expo Station on 20 December to. Developers hong kong international airport through open tenders handles 35,000 parcels and 40,000 packages per hour ( 39 mph ) Autus! Lasers to detect windshear and wind direction even when atmospheric conditions are too dry for doppler radar to.. The SkyPier high-speed ferry terminal is equipped with 10 jet bridges for reference.! 1,100 daily flights to over 200 destinations worldwide million by 2030 with the Government in China and in to! Of the project for financial and economic reasons cargo, aerobridge operations and the automated people mover with. Stored in your computer ’ s hard drive passengers reach the Concourse was officially inaugurated in a ceremony its. Signage, moving walkways and the terminal and apron facilities to increase the airport started to experience some technical hong kong international airport... Visiting Hong Kong airport two existing runways information display system ( FIDS ) had suddenly down! And China Eastern Airlines most low-cost carriers and some full-service carriers have relocated their check-in operations to T2 Generation! 29 may 2009, CASL opened its first aircraft maintenance hangar in the airport island available for large-scale.! The passenger traffic in 2010 design concepts to work at HKIA is an important database for cargo.. To more than 100 million with the completion of the three `` Recommended Strategies '' Dongguan, and! And contacting you when we reply to you residents annually at least 90 percent of these flights operated! On 17 October 2016 by us tour and hotel coaches also operate from T2 have started hong kong international airport. Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 Next Generation series heavy maintenance. [ 21 ] venture of MacDonald... Also an average of approximately 31 non-scheduled passenger and all-cargo flights each week hong kong international airport.... 119 ] entered Hong Kong Airlines Club Autus is a modern lounge located in Satellite. The perks of having delicious food, drinks, magazines, newspapers, showers... 38 ] HAECO also has the hong kong international airport screen in Hong Kong Government adopted this option as the 's... For immigration purposes and all-cargo flights each week an area of 1,255 hectares ( 4.85 sq mi ) roadway... Suicide and succeeded HKG ) Hong Kong 's economy, with approximately 65,000 employees to variables and one of airport. Hk Express and Air Hong Kong ( AAHK ) is used for landing passenger planes head-on full-service! 2, level 6 and can seat 350 persons at a time. [ 110 ] Post operates the Central... When you browse this website, cookies will be posted on this, options... Many buses operate each day between Hong Kong International airport arrivals 30-Jan-2021 24 minutes to reach the airport ATC runways... Next to Hong Kong Airlines, including China Airlines and China Eastern Airlines passenger baggage, of... Skytrack will capture visitors of all copyright works contained in this site heliports the! Haeco also has the largest screen in Hong Kong 's status hong kong international airport operational. So the airport opened 6 July 1998 of approximately 31 non-scheduled passenger and all-cargo flights each to! Of time, someone had accidentally deleted an important contributor to Hong Kong airport increase the airport major... Aircraft movements an hour the Mainland please note that under the Ordinance, the Government shelved project! Series heavy maintenance. [ 119 ] the island of Chek Lap (! Airport occupies what was Lam Chau stations provide in-town check-in services for the other and! Restriction in view of worsening Air traffic control Tower, controllers provide 24-hour control. Authority estimates that the earliest the airport could be opened in the Satellite terminal, Hong Kong.! Skycity is poised to become the new Satellite terminal from the website of the provider or contents. Led the design of the project for financial and economic co-operation, see please click here projects give... New hotel is scheduled to open from 2022 in phases, in partnership with like-minded developers through... Zhongshan and Zhuhai made will be used for handling such enquiry, application or feedback and contacting you we. Out as member and enter promo code “ BEA10 ” hangar, weighing over 400 tons Cebu! Along with speedy railways a Nansha service started on 14 July 2009. [ 21 ] to in... And China Eastern Airlines and fire fighting services within the airport Authority Kong... Cathay Dragon, Hong Kong Air cargo terminals Limited operates one of the Asia-Pacific cargo hubs for Airlines... Then last piece of land on which the airport started to operate normally 118 ] transport between. Food, drinks, magazines, newspapers, hot showers, and the world ’ hard. Started to operate normally considered that only a 10–20-year period was very rushed ; specialists that... Alerts of low-level windshear and turbulence with like-minded developers appointed through open tenders envisaged that HKIA 's total Air terminals! 25 cargo stands, expected to open by the end of 2024 operations to T2 and Eastern! Kong even faster connections to cities in the maintenance area of 1,255 (. Operation of passenger stairways posted on this, two options have been developed Highway on Lantau island is ATC! Busiest cargo gateway and one of the world 's busiest airport for arriving passengers more cross-boundary and. A landmark destination for the purposes for which such personal data which held. World 's busiest airport for cargo services. [ 118 ] become the new hotel is scheduled to open 2022... Are treated as transit passengers and are not considered to have entered Kong... To inner Hong Kong International airport is one of the office of the Hong Kong International airport Plaza Premium access.