You can also tell the difference by looking at the snake's head. HABITAT: They thrive in many habitats including hardwood and pine forests, bottomlands and swamps, farmlands and suburban areas. Family: Colubridae (nonvenomous snakes) in the order Squamata (lizards and snakes) Description: A medium-sized snake, fairly common over most of the state. The Daily Bucket is a nature refuge. Black kingsnakes inhabit areas from southern Ohio, western West Virginia, southeastern Illinois and south to northeastern Mississippi, north Alabama, and northwestern Georgia. Welcome to's classified ads. “If you see a snake it’s a good sign,” said John Hardy with the Museum of Natural Science in Jackson. There are many subspecies of king snake all over the world, but the eastern king snake is a marvel of pest control. Online since 1997,'s classifieds are among the oldest and largest pet classifieds on the web and reach thousands of reptile and amphibian owners worldwide every day. To tell if a snake is a king snake or a coral snake, look at its ring pattern. Savannah River Ecology Laboratory . If they're not, it's a nonvenomous king snake. Mississippi Animal Restrictions. Native cornsnake, kingsnake, and other native species morphs MAY be sold … The overall color is tan, brownish gray, or greenish gray. Online since 1997,'s classifieds are among the oldest and largest pet classifieds on the web and reach thousands of reptile and amphibian owners worldwide every day. Black with yellow stripes is an eastern king snake black with yellow dots is a speckled king they are non venomous and eat other snakes ... in N. MS. We amicably discuss animals, weather, climate, soil, plants, waters and note life’s patterns. If it has a black head with a short snout, it's a coral snake. The first was seen at Plymouth Bluff, MS near Columbus while the second located last week N. Of Starkville MS out highway 389N, near the boy scout camp. Mississippi 40 Federally Protected Species E = Endangered Species and T = Threatened Species 2010 mammals E -- Bat, Gray (Myotis grisescens) E -- Bat, Indiana (Myotis sodalis) T -- Bear, Louisiana Black (Ursus americanus luteolus) E -- Manatee, … Classified ads may be … Prairie King Snake. If the red and yellow rings are touching, it's a venomous coral snake. These snakes can live up to 15 years or more if cared for properly and can grow up to 2-6’ in length. Native amphibians are also restricted. Numerous dark blotches down the back and sides are brown, reddish, or greenish brown, outlined in black. Reptiles native to Mississippi may NOT be sold. “They’re going to take care of … Continue reading "Snakes in Mississippi; what to look for when walking … “Between 1984 and when Bob fell ill in 2002, he produced over 100 albums at King Snake,” Mrs. Greenlee says, sitting outside on the front bench of the garage apartment that used to be King Snake. No permit is required for non-native reptiles. A happy, healthy King Snake has clear eyes (besides while shedding,) is active and generally alert, has healthy-looking skin, sheds its skin regularly, will shed skin in one whole piece, and is a regular eater. Welcome to's local classifieds for the state of Mississippi. As you’re enjoying another Mississippi summer you might run across a few critters that scare you at first, don’t be too alarmed seeing snakes isn’t always a bad thing.

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